Discovering Eloka.

The face behind Eloka.
I am a proud Wiradjuri woman living, working and thriving on Awabakal land. I am rising up and harnessing my feminine power and claiming back pride in my cultural identity as a white-passing Aboriginal person - for my ancestors that didn't have the freedom to and were forced to hide their pride behind the lies fed to a stolen generation and who's connection to our land, language and livelihood was brutally severed. 
 I want to help others do the same as they navigate through life and foster meaningful connections as they step into their true potential. I aim to live a life where instead of the glass being half empty or half full – it’s overflowing and filling up the glasses of others, and that’s why I created Eloka Soul Sista!
I am a Virgo Sun, Cancer Moon and Scorpio Sun and consider myself a spiritually eclectic fairy. I believe that your magic and who you are is influenced by when and where you’re born, where you grow up, the places you go, the people you meet and how they inspire you.
Through Eloka Soul Sista I hope to bridge the various gaps I have noticed in my life and the lives of the beautiful women in my family, friendships and that I have met in my 13 years of hairdressing. After gaining my diploma in Aromatherapy and condensing all of my cultural and spiritual knowledge, I was finally ready to launch my no bulls**', no bad sh**' beauty and wellbeing range!
I don’t put up a front or pretend to be anything but 100% authentically me and Eloka is a direct reflection of that – 100% open, honest and what you see is what you get!
What is Eloka
Born from necessity - 60,000 years of cultural knowledge – a desire to inspire connections to creativity, community and to ourselves – and the passion of a proud Wiradjuri woman – Eloka Soul Sista is a no bull, certified organic approach to getting our shit together and making the absolute most of our lives.
Eloka is here to evoke the Goddess within – to encourage you to express your thoughts and ideas while chasing your dreams and falling in love with yourself. Eloka will fill your life with generosity, fun, laughter favourable conditions and an optimistic outlook on life.
Eloka inspires confidence and is the embodiment of being passionate and having pride in who you are and all that you do. She is rooted in a sacred connection to our Mother Earth and invites you to connect with her – her the planet, to your core purpose, to the communities that will lift you up, and most importantly to yourself.
Eloka Soul Sista thrives off the coming together and forming of important connections within communities that learn and grow together.
Eloka is here to nourish your mind, body and spirit while fostering, encouraging and nurturing a meaningful connection to our land’s culture, history and power.
Our Products 
All products are handmade with love with each intention personally set by me, each with a unique purpose and meaning that can be used to enrich your life in an abundance of ways. All of our enrichment products contain native Australian ingredients that are locally, nationally, ethically and sustainably sourced and contain no sulphates, additives or any of the nasty stuff!
Our range can be incorporated into full moon and new moon rituals, self-love rituals, removing limiting beliefs and just about any type of ritual you can think of!
Made with the community at heart from creation to use.